Are the first 25 Respondents free?

Yes they are completely free – no catches. Full access to the system is provided and all parts of the system are working without limitation.

Who owns the collected data?

Any data you collect belongs to you. Your results will remain completely confidential and will never be passed onto any third party.

How does the survey system work?

You create your survey via our web based interface which allows you to change every aspect of your questionnaire. You then invite your survey respondents using a number of different mechanisms at your disposal.

What are the requirements for using this system?

There are no downloads or installation requirements.

Survey authors need a modern web browser – (Internet Explorer version 5.5 or higher in order to take advantage of the advanced survey design features such as font selection, picture insert etc). Otherwise any version of browser will work in designing your survey.

Your respondent needs only a standard web browser and internet connection to participate.



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